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Perhaps you have seen Aquaman and want an actual aquatic experience, not to worry as Aquatica in Orlando, Florida could be the getaway to a dream come true.

The Aquatica is operated by the Seaworld parks and Entertainment. It’s no news that SeaWorld conglomerate believes in the art of nature and the beauty it radiates. While the Aquatica was actually opened up on the 1st of March, 2008, the SeaWorld Orlando had earlier given an inkling of what is to come through a big announcement on July 15th, 2005.

The park sprang into life immediately after the opening with the series of amazing themes present; little wonder the park broke its own record for the number of visitors in just six months! Amazing right?

Who wouldn’t love to feel like a citizen of Atlantis? This definitely accounts for the growing number of guests in the park.

The Aquatica in Orlando, Florida does not only provide a variety of water nature themes, but it also has a beach cruising sensation. It is the perfect place to relax and have a picnic with the sun umbrellas, white sand, beach balls, the cool air breezing out from the water and the likes.

The park is filled with various fun and entertaining attractions that will make a visit to the park worthwhile and exciting. If you love swimming, you’d probably squeal with excitement seeing the two wave pools provided at the park. Taking a swim in the pools can be very exciting with the view around it, it’s definitely an Atlantis redefined experience.

At the park, dolphins have remained a major attraction because of their distinguishable features. There are water slides dedicated to the beauty of the dolphins. Sliding down the dolphin plunges, there are varieties of dolphins present in the water body the slides go through.

 Another exciting and intense attraction in the park is the Ihu’s breakaway falls. Just like the name implies, the Ihu’s breakaway falls gives the sensation of ‘letting go’ and ‘feeling free’ with the three drop slides and one-speed slide. They all have a spiral feature that makes the experience more daring and fascinating.

Having a water adventure is a great idea with the superhero feeling,  the ray rush attraction has a variety of water jets that you can use to recreate fun missions among family and friends as you splash water and dive in your adventure.

SeaWorld Parks and Entertainment appears to love for children (or perhaps their understanding that the average household revolves around the children) and this shows with the provision of a safe environment for them to have fun.

The theme park has a special attraction center for children. There are varieties of slides that are smaller in size and fitting for children enjoyment. There is an area they can even build sand castles with their friends and play dumping water bucket.

Without doubts, the park’s management has done its homework by ensuring your children are safe and having fun at the Kata’s kookaburra cove and Walkabout waters without worrying about the world outside.

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A Form of Relaxation – Recreation

The modern world has started to give due status to the importance of ‘recreation’ in one’s life, thanks to the modern psychologists and management pundits and there is a common awareness among the general population regarding the subject. There is nothing wrong in assuming that the primitive man might also have given a good position for ‘recreation’, even in the early ages of civilization. The various rituals and festivals, spread around the whole world, give us an idea of the importance with which the old societies also considered the importance of ‘recreation’. If you go deep into the subject of ‘recreation’, you will reach those primitive ages when the social structure was controlled by a few and all others were ‘slaves’. It was during that period we saw the ‘gladiators’ and the immortal ‘Spartacus’. The fighting between the various ‘gladiators’ were done as a ‘recreation’ for the dominating class!

One of the giant figures of America’s political arena, ‘Thomas Jefferson’ had once commented like this. “Leave all the afternoon for exercise and recreation, which are as necessary as reading. I will rather say more necessary because health is worth more than learning”. This golden piece of sentence can be quoted anywhere as a good example for the illustration of the importance of recreation. It should be noted that always ‘health’ is ‘wealth’ and for maintaining a sound health to the mind and body, proper ‘recreation’ is necessary.

Recreation can be interpreted as the proper usage and utilization of ‘time’, in a creative manner, by which the entire process becomes good for the mind and the body. In other words recreation is the process of converting the ‘leisure time’, into a more ‘productive’ manner. With the advancement and modernisation of the society, the need for ‘recreation’ has become a very important one which should not be neglected. The general way of life, especially in the wealthier countries has become very much ‘inactive’ and ‘lazy’. There arises the need and scope of proper ‘recreation’. Even in the developing countries, the general population especially the new generations is tempted to have a lazy or sedentary way of life. The total social advancements all around the world lead them to that kind of a life.

Along with the lazy and inactive ways of life styles, there arise so many health problems and here proper ‘recreation’ will do wonders! But one should take care to limit the ‘recreation’ within one’s own ‘need’ and ‘capacity’. Excessive kinds of ‘recreation’ will again lead to a indisciplined way of life and it should be avoided. If taken in a correct dosage, ‘recreation’ will ease out the mounting pressures and tensions which creep into our inner self because of the modern way of living. Proper usage of ‘recreation’ increases the ‘quality’ of life. In the modern management techniques, especially in the ‘stress management’ field, the need for good ‘recreation’ is given real importance. There are many kinds of ‘recreations’ available, starting from the very many games and sports, traveling, music, theater, arts etc. If you prepare a list it will become really lengthy! Holidaying is another modern form of recreation, which has picked up momentum in the recent decades. One has to choose his own way of ‘recreation’, according to his own physical, mental and of course financial capacities. What counts finally is that whether you are having sufficient recreation or not and the method of recreation is entirely depending upon your will and choice.

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